What’s next in Kumkum bhagya? Memory loss or reunion??

So guys who else is waiting for the next episode of kumkum bhagya. As now we all are damn excited pragya told every moment to abhi. The pain she suffered was too much. Now they are united, atlast our abhigya’s reunion took place. But what about NIkhil, Alia & tannu’s plan????? will they be able to harm pragya or abhi or purab will let them at the safe end???

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These smiles are the cutest smiles ever. these smiles are the indications for life. will the writers of Kumkum bhagya destroy these smiles for there memory loss sequence ?? Or it will be timely or fake drama of memory loss?? Hope so it will be better for abhigya as well as abhigya diehard fans. They should not loose abhigya scenes . So guyzz what you people say ?? Can you tolerate the one of the biggest shock for pragya ?? Comment your views below……

Episode 634:  Episode was too good. But still we have to wait for the abhigya to reach home safely. It is the most critical time for us . We have to wait whole sunday and almost monday. Now the situation is this pragya went to take shower abhi thinks she will be hungry and thus decides to give her surprize readymade breakfast.

Episode starts with abhi planning for the party at lonavla. Nikhil hiers a mechanic to fails the break of pragya’s car. he came to the resort to check if pragya is all alone ? He falsely got that she is alone. Mechanic cuts the pipe which joins the break so that after some time the break fails. Purab followed tannu and find alia planning with tannu to kill pragya , he hears the conversation slaps alia.

Abhi sneezes , pragya : m to bhol ee gyi thi k ap ki tbiat kharab hai m kadha bna k lati hu. She was not able to walk perfectly abhi lifts her, drops her in kitchen. Abhi was not going outside pragya says him to go. He says ok then call me when its done .

Pragya took kadha to abhi by herself. Abhi: i said you call me when its done. Then he says to pragya final one name prabhi or abhipra?? He said these will be the names of our children and these are the combinitions of our names. Pragya says name should be classy. Abhi says means you are not satisfied with the names only, baby’s plan is alright .He says we should have honeymoon and then we should go home . Pragya (shy) says u should drink kadha. Abhi: why you brought this kadha in this sweet conversation. Pragya we didnt told dadi and maa about our reunion we should go home. Abhi says means you didnt cancelled the honeymon plan you just postponed it. I know you wants the same what i want. (Abhigya hug.)

Alia tries to stop purab by saying that she will change her for him. Alia says i can do everything for you even reunite abhi pragya. But purab says can you bring bulbul back. He says whenever i will see you i will hate you more i cant be your’s. Alia says then if anything happens you will be equally responsible. purab says nothing gonna happen now. He says good people will always get good alia says then why you didn’t get anything good. he says what is more good that without having a family i am a part of family which can do any thing for me . Moreover you are with family where every one hates you because of your deeds.

Purab was shown calling abhi to get the bunglow num to tell pragya that she is in danger . But abhi didn’t recieved the call. Alia tells nikhil that purab knows there plan when nikhil called her to tell that breaks are failed.

Precap:  Abhi sits in the car to bring the breakfast, pragya putting on kumkum … what is going to happen next??? will abhi get a memory loss ?? OR it will be just a suspense for abhigya fans ?? Comment your reviews below ….


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