Sriti Jha latest 2017 updates

Sriti Jha:

She is an Indian television actress. She was born on February 26, 1986.  Her age is 30 years.

She is a currently playing the lead role of Pragya in Zee TV‘s show Kumkum Bhagya.jxkz

Real Name Sriti Jha
Nickname Jhalli and Titu
Profession Actress
Famous Role Pragya (Kumkum Bhagya)
Birth Place Darbhanga, Begusarai, Bihar, India
Zodiac sign/Sun sign Pisces
Nationality Indian
Hometown Darbhanga, Begusarai, Bihar, India
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Hobbies Reading, travelling and dancing

Roles of Sriti Jha:

Dhoom Macchao Dhoom

Year: 2006–2008
Character: Malini Sharma
Network/channel: Disney India

Jiya Jale

Year: 2007–2008
Character: Sunaina Kotak
Network/channel: 9X Media

Shaurya Aur Suhani

Year: 2009
Character: Suhani
Network/channel: Star Plus


Year: 2009–2010
Character: Sudha / Devika
Network/channel: NDTV Imagine

Rakt Sambandh

Year: 2010–2011
Character: Sandhya
Network/channel: NDTV Imagine

Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava

Year: 2011–2013
Character: Jhanvi Dobriyal / Sia Raghavendra
Network/channel: Life OK

Balika Vadhu

Year: 2013
Character: Ganga Jagdish Singh
Network/channel: Colors TV

Kumkum Bhagya

Year: 2014–present
Character: Pragya Arora Mehra
Network/channel: Zee TV


Year: 2016
Character: Narrator
Network/channel: Colors TV

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What’s next in Kumkum bhagya? Memory loss or reunion??

So guys who else is waiting for the next episode of kumkum bhagya. As now we all are damn excited pragya told every moment to abhi. The pain she suffered was too much. Now they are united, atlast our abhigya’s reunion took place. But what about NIkhil, Alia & tannu’s plan????? will they be able to harm pragya or abhi or purab will let them at the safe end???

New Image

These smiles are the cutest smiles ever. these smiles are the indications for life. will the writers of Kumkum bhagya destroy these smiles for there memory loss sequence ?? Or it will be timely or fake drama of memory loss?? Hope so it will be better for abhigya as well as abhigya diehard fans. They should not loose abhigya scenes . So guyzz what you people say ?? Can you tolerate the one of the biggest shock for pragya ?? Comment your views below……

Episode 634:  Episode was too good. But still we have to wait for the abhigya to reach home safely. It is the most critical time for us . We have to wait whole sunday and almost monday. Now the situation is this pragya went to take shower abhi thinks she will be hungry and thus decides to give her surprize readymade breakfast.

Episode starts with abhi planning for the party at lonavla. Nikhil hiers a mechanic to fails the break of pragya’s car. he came to the resort to check if pragya is all alone ? He falsely got that she is alone. Mechanic cuts the pipe which joins the break so that after some time the break fails. Purab followed tannu and find alia planning with tannu to kill pragya , he hears the conversation slaps alia.

Abhi sneezes , pragya : m to bhol ee gyi thi k ap ki tbiat kharab hai m kadha bna k lati hu. She was not able to walk perfectly abhi lifts her, drops her in kitchen. Abhi was not going outside pragya says him to go. He says ok then call me when its done .

Pragya took kadha to abhi by herself. Abhi: i said you call me when its done. Then he says to pragya final one name prabhi or abhipra?? He said these will be the names of our children and these are the combinitions of our names. Pragya says name should be classy. Abhi says means you are not satisfied with the names only, baby’s plan is alright .He says we should have honeymoon and then we should go home . Pragya (shy) says u should drink kadha. Abhi: why you brought this kadha in this sweet conversation. Pragya we didnt told dadi and maa about our reunion we should go home. Abhi says means you didnt cancelled the honeymon plan you just postponed it. I know you wants the same what i want. (Abhigya hug.)

Alia tries to stop purab by saying that she will change her for him. Alia says i can do everything for you even reunite abhi pragya. But purab says can you bring bulbul back. He says whenever i will see you i will hate you more i cant be your’s. Alia says then if anything happens you will be equally responsible. purab says nothing gonna happen now. He says good people will always get good alia says then why you didn’t get anything good. he says what is more good that without having a family i am a part of family which can do any thing for me . Moreover you are with family where every one hates you because of your deeds.

Purab was shown calling abhi to get the bunglow num to tell pragya that she is in danger . But abhi didn’t recieved the call. Alia tells nikhil that purab knows there plan when nikhil called her to tell that breaks are failed.

Precap:  Abhi sits in the car to bring the breakfast, pragya putting on kumkum … what is going to happen next??? will abhi get a memory loss ?? OR it will be just a suspense for abhigya fans ?? Comment your reviews below ….

Please Bycott Memory loss sequence in Kumkum bhagya

Created by:
  Ekta Kapoor
Developed by: Ekta Kapoor
Written by:

Story:  Anil Nagpal
Screenplay: Anil Nagpal  , Vikas Tiwari
Dialogues: Dheeraj Sarna

Directed by:  Sameer Kulkarni  ,  Sharad Pandey

Creative director(s):  Tanusri Dasgupta ,Shaalu ,Nitin Dhall, Ashna Srivastava, Punit Dahima
Leads: Shabbir Ahluwalia, Sriti Jha ,Arjit Taneja ,Mrunal Thakur
Theme music composer: Lalit Sen , Nawab Arzoo
Country of origin: India
Original language(s): Punjabi ,Hindi
No. of seasons: 01
No. of episodes: 631 as on 28th July, 2016

Kumkum Bhagya


Sarla Arora ie supriya shukla. She runs a marriage hall and lives with the hope of seeing her two daughters happily married. Pragya ie sriti jha the elder daughter, who is practical, hard working and committed to supporting her family, teaches at a college to ensure that her mother’s earnings never fall short. In the midst of all this pressure on her, she’s forgotten how to unwind or pursue any passions of her own. Bulbul ie mrunal thakur the younger daughter who has her head in the clouds. She’s vivacious, smart, stylish and a complete dreamer. She also does a job but hates her boss who later fell for her. The show follows lives of the two sisters, their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Simultaneously, Abhi ie shabbir ahluwalia is a Rock star. Abhi and Pragya have coincidentally met several times. In the introduction, Akash ie ankit mohan and Rachna’s ie aditi rathore plot was introduced where Akash (Abhi’s younger playboy brother) was in relationship with Suresh’s sister Rachna, both were secretly married and when Rachna was Pregnant with his child, she was left alone, to this Pragya and her family fought for her and eventually Pragya fell in love with Suresh but he on the other hand fell for Bulbul. Simultaneously, Purab  ie arjit taneja who happens to be Abhi’s best friend hired Bulbul for a job in his office. His rude behaviour makes Bulbul hate him; however, after looking each other in depth, the two develop a soft corner for each other and later fell in love. Story shows how their relation bought Abhi and Pragya more closer. Aliya (Abhi’s sister) ie shikha singh saw Pragya with Purab together, she gets herself into misunderstanding that Purab has an affair with her. Marriage proposal of Abhi is brought to Pragya (she had broken up with Suresh due to the unsuccessful Kundli ritual), she accepts it looking at her mother’s happiness.

The two get married happily, but on night of their marriage, Pragya finds out about the truth behind her marriage, she finds that Abhi and Aliya are taking their revenge from her thinking that she manipulated Purab. For her sister’s protection, Pragya lied to Abhi and Aliya that she is the one who Purab loves. When Bulbul finds Purab being Aliya’s fiance, she asked him to marry her for Pragya’s protection.

On the day of their marriage, Purab escapes from Abhi’s mansion and asks Bulbul to marry him, Bulbul reveals the truth to Abhi as she wants Pragya happy. Abhi decides to catch Purab with his girlfriend, finds out Bulbul is the girl whom Purab loves. A complicated relation starts in everyone’s life. Aliya and Tanu  ie madhurima tuli before and afterwards leena jumani plan conspiracies against Pragya but their plans failed and bought her more close to Abhi. Starting from a fake MMS, which was against Pragya, however Abhi got to know of truth and improved his relation with Bulbul and Purab. This was followed by the Kidnap sequence where Aliya wanted Bulbul to be kidnapped on her engagement but in reality Pragya got kidnapped, when Abhi went to save her, corporator Neel Thakur who loves Bulbul and helped Aliya shot him after which Pragya proposed to him. There new planning of Tanu being pregnant with Abhi’s child take place, while solving this, Pragya and Abhi fall in love and Pragya made Rachna and Aakash married happily. Where as Aliya strokes Bulbul’s head on her wedding day, she covers her face and attempts to marry Purab but gets disclosed by Abhi and Abhi decides to throw Aliya out. A furious Aliya makes a fake apology and aims to destroy Abhi.

One day Pragya hears Aliya’s conversation and got to know that Aliya is making a plan.She also hears Tanu’s conversation and also got to know that Tanu is not pregnant with Abhi’s child. She meets with an accident and returns after thirty days in a new bold look.


She claims that she is the owner of Abhi’s house and property and starts behaving rudely with everyone which makes Abhi and Sarla hate her. It is revealed that Pragya along with Bulbul, Dadi and Purab is trying to reveal Aliya and Tanu and is in search for Tanu’s real boyfriend and father of her unborn baby child.

With Aliya’s growing desire for Purab, Pragya dreams and sees Aliya killing Bulbul. In order to protect Purab and Bulbul she secretly takes them with her and get them married happily, sequences show how the two grow more closer and how Aliya gets jealous. On the day of their reception, Aliya once again contacts Vijay and plans to kill Pragya, she cuts the rope lightning on Pragya, but in order to save her Bulbul pushes her and gets herself injured. Her entire face gets damaged and a hurt Bulbul reaches a cliff where Pragya tries to calm her. Bulbul jumps down and commits suicide. Akash and Rachna are now back and are now involved in Pragya’s mission. As the family goes in sorrow due to Bulbul, Aliya manages to steal the power of attorney papers which Abhi falsely signed from Pragya when she was unconscious. Aliya replaced Abhi’s name with her and claimed that now she is the new owner of the house, she misbehaved with Abhi and claimed that she will take revenge from him. When she begins to torture Pragya, Pragya reveals a footage with several other proofs against Aliya and exposes her true colours to everyone, Abhi slaps and punishes her then sent her to Jail, after this she begins to search for the third person Abhi’s brother Raj whom she exposed with help of Ronnie ie rajor raj. After Pragya disclosed the truth about his arrest due to Mitali, Raj regrets and apologizes to Abhi and Abhi forgives him. Raj turns into a positive role.

Pragya decides to search Tanu’s real boyfriend and her baby child’s father.Pragya in watchman’s voice blackmails Tanu saying that she knows that Abhi is not father of her baby child and has proofs that prove that Abhi is not father of Tanu’s child.Pragya blackmails Tanu several times.Purab tells Sarla about Pragya’s drama.Sarla comes to know about Tanu’s truth but she meets with accident with Nikhil’s car and gets paralytic attack.Sarla is hospitalized and brought into Abhi’s house and she gets paralytic attack.On Abhi’s comeback concert Pragya gets to know that Nikhil is Tanu’s real boyfriend and Tanu’s unborn baby child’s father.

Aliya fakes accident saving Tanu and returns to Mehra house.But soon Aliya reveals her true colors that she tried to kill Pragya and Bulbul died in front of Abhi.Abhi slaps her.Abhi regrets trusting her.Pragya tells Abhi to send Aliya where she came from ie Australia.Aliya goes to Australia.

Sarla gets her voice back.Nikhil meets with accident.Tanu admits Nikhil in hospital. Abhi comes to same hospital. Tanu has filled admission form as Nikhil’s wife. Pragya and Sarla come to the same hospital. Pragya decides to show the papers to Abhi but fails because of Nikhil.

Tanu steals Abhi’s 1crore rupees cash from Abhi and Pragya room and blames Pragya and Sarla for it. But because of Dadi’s fake accident drama Abhi finds out the truth that Tanu had stolen the money and Tanu is exposed. Abhi slaps Tanu and asks her to leave. While leaving Tanu purposely slips down from staircase and Abhi admits her to hospital. Abhi brings her back home. Dadi uses Tanu’s trick and tells Abhi that Pragya loves him and she is heartbroken seeing Tanu returning to his life. Dadi advises Abhi to be with Pragya and propose her. Abhi agrees to this. Abhi decides to propose Pragya at her birthday party. Tanu and Nikhil invite Pragya’s fake boyfriend Champak lal Trivedi and creates doubt and misunderstanding in Abhi’s mind that Pragya is having affair with Champak.Abhi also believes that Pragya has affair.Dadi convinces Abhi that Pragya is not wrong.Abhi also realizes that Pragya loves him.Pragya behaves sweetly with Champak to make Abhi jealous.Tanu and Nikhil make video of Pragya and Champak.Purab shows the real complete video and it is proven that the video is wrong.Pragya later proves that she has not having affair with Champak.Purab helps Pragya in it. Abhi beats Champak for his deed. Nikhil helps Champak to escape from house. All was running towards Champak but Tanu falls. All then take Tanu to hospital. Here, Pragya meets with her friend, Dr.Sheila ie aditya jain. Pragya tells Sheila her story. Sheila says that she will help her in exposing Tanu. Sheila takes Tanu’s baby’s DNA sample. However, Pragya too manages to take Abhi’s blood sample for DNA test. Purab manages to take Nikhil’s hair sample for DNA test with chewing gum. Abhi doubts on Nikhil and shares it with Pragya and Purab.Abhi arranges Nikhil’s birthday party to change his doubt in sure. Sheila gives DNA report to Pragya and says its only Abhi and Tanu’s child’s report as Nikhil’s hair sample was become so bad with chewing gum so they were not able to get Tanu and Nikhil’s DNA report and they cannot prove that Nikhil is father of Tanu’s child. Pragya thanks Sheila for giving her such a big proof.Tanu doubts on this party and warns Nikhil but Nikhil believes on Abhi.Aliya returns from Australia.Abhi and Pragya dance in birthday party.Pragya shows DNA report of Abhi and Tanu to Abhi and everyone and tells him that he is not father of Tanu’s child.Abhi sees the report.Tanu shows Abhi fake DNA report and tells him that her DNA report his true and Pragya’s DNA report is fake.Pragya tells that Tanu’s DNA report is fake.They have argument.Abhi is confused.Dadi says Sheila should come and reveal the truth.Sheila says that Pragya’s DNA report is true but because of Tanu suddenly changes her statement and that says that Tanu’s DNA report is true and Pragya’s DNA report is fake.Abhi again gets confused.Pragya asks Sheila that why did she lied.Sheila tells her that Tanu had kidnapped her daughter Pari and blackmailed her to support her and threatened to kill her. Pragya decides to rescue Sheila’s daughter.Pragya follows Nikhil and reaches the spot. Pragya finds Sheila’s daughter but Nikhil kidnaps Pragya .Nikhil goes to Pragya’s home and asks her mother to ask Abhi sign the divorce paper or else he will kill Pragya . Abhi signs the paper after confirming that Pragya has signed the paper. But he really don’t know that Pragya didn’t signed the paper . Dadi got to know the truth and slaps Tanu . She tells Tanu that she knows that her child is not Abhi’s.Tanu is shocked. She tells Tanu that she’ll not marry Abhi to him and the child will not get Abhi’s name.Tanu shows Dadi divorce papers signed by Abhi.Nikhil tells Pragya that Abhi has signed divorce papers.Pragya escapes with Pari but is about to meet with accident but escapes Tanu and Nikhil meet with accident and Tanu miscarries.Tanu blames Abhi and Pragya for her baby’s death.Tanu lies to Abhi that Pragya made her accident and killed her baby.Pragya leaves Mehra house.Pragya records proof of Aliya, Tanu, Nikhil and decides to show it to Abhi.Pragya tells Abhi that Tanu’s baby child’s father is Nikhil and she lost her baby because of her mistake.Abhi refuses to believe her. Now pragya tells the whole story to abhi and tells all others are with me …


Abhi pragya reunion…

New Image


As pragya has proof now , dadi knows pragya is in lonavla and abhi in Dehli. She will be telling purab and tannu overhears that. She went to alia’s place where nikhil is already present tells the whole story. Nikhil plans to kill pragya to remove the dangers for life time , they all don’t know abhi is there too . Nikhil thinks to fail the breaks of the pragya’s car but it will be supposed to be abhi’s  car and abhi meets an accident .

Now abhi’s memory loss is rumoured that he only remembers the days he spent with tanu nothing else .

we should all bycott this track as finally after a long time abhi n pragya’s reunion took place. This is all to tell about kumkum bhagya till mow … kindly share this to bycott memory loss sequence

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Drashti Dhami

Drashti Dhami : Drashti Dhami  is an actress, model and dancer. She is recognized for her roles in the shows Dill Mill Gayye, Geet – Hui Sabse Parayi, Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon and Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani. She won Jhalak dikhla ja 6 on 14 September 2013. She is currently seen in a web series called I Don’t Watch TV lets do some films along with many TV celebrities aired on web-content platform.

Born 10 January 1985 (age 31)
Nationality Indian
Occupation Actress, model
Years active 2007 – present
Spouse(s) Neeraj Khemka married in 2015


Shows which Drashti done :

Dill Mill Gayye :

Role: Muskaan Chadda

Language: Hindi

TV Channel:  STAR One

Year: 2007–2009

Geet – Hui Sabse Parayi:

Role:  Geet Handa/Geet Maan Singh Khurana

Language: Hindi

TV Channel:  STAR One

Year: 2010-2011

 Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon:

Role: Madhubala Malik/Madhubala Rishabh Kundra

Language: Hindi

TV Channel: Colors

Year: 2012-2014

 Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Role: Gayatri Seth/Rani Gayatri and double role Savitri

Language: Hindi

TV Channel: Zee TV

Year: 2015-2016

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 6 :

Contestant (winner)

14 September 2013

Naagin 2 :

comming soon….

Awards won by Drashti Dhami :

  • Zee Gold Awards Geet – Hui Sabse Parayi Most Celebrated Jodi (shared with Gurmeet Choudhary) Won in 2011.
  • Golden Petal Awards Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon Most Lokpriya Naya Sadasya Female Won in 2012.
  • Golden Petal Awards Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon Best Jodi (shared with Vivian Dsena) Won in 2013.
  • Golden Petal Awards Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon Best Jodi Won.
  • Star Guild Awards Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon Best Actress in a Drama Series Won in 2014.
  • Zee Gold Awards Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon Best Actress – Critics Won in 2014.
  • Zee Rishtey Awards Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani Favourite Beti Won in 2015.