Much more about Priya Chauhan.

Priya Chauhan:


A complete Family n friendsoholic.

FOOD keeps me calm lol ūüėČ

Dance defines me!!

Music makes life worth living.

Love is what I live for!!

Former actor at Star one. 2010-2012 in Pyar ki ye ek kahani.

Shows of Priya Chauhan:

Kitani Mohabbat Hai Р2  : Simmi

Kya Huaa Tera Vaada¬†: Taani Singh ¬†(Pradeep’s sister)

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani¬† : Alina Khurana .¬†A Werewolf.( Jay and Neel”s Sister).

123456Interview :

Question # 1: whats your favourite color?

 I have 3. white, peach,yellow.

Question # 2:  whats your fvt food?

I’m a hardcore Indian food lover especially butter chicken and shahi paneer. Then comes Italian.

Question #3: whats your fvt sport?

I enjoy playing badminton since I was pretty good at it since school days. I enjoy cricket too. Especially bowling.

Question #4: your fvt galz name?

I don’t have any fav girl as such but yeah a girl who’s really close to my heart would be my best friend prateek reen.

Question #5: your fvt boyz name?

Again, no favourite boy as such but a guy I’m best friends with is my super awesome friend aneesh.

Question #6: yours fvt shopping place?

Any good mall that has my favourite brands. I even indulge in online shopping to an extent.I’m not choosy about any particular place as such.

Question #7:  your fvt bollywood actor ?

They keep changing. Lol. But I’ve had the biggest crush on Hrithik Roshan since I was 13 or 14 years old. I really like ranbir kapoor too. So yeah Hrithik and Ranbir. I also like Ranveer singh’s energy as an actor.

Question #8: your fvt bollywood actress ?

I don’t have any favourites as such. Any female actor who does a good job is worth appreciating. I really like Alia Bhatt for her freshness and effortlessness. She is a natural as far as acting goes. Priyanka Chopra is one female actor to reckon with. She’s proved her mettle as an actor and is winning hearts worldwide. Rani Mukherjee, kajol they’ve all won my hearts.

Question #9: do you watch movies? If yes your fvt movies??

Oh my God. You can’t ask me this question. It’s like asking a foodie do u like food? I love movies. I can watch just about anything that involves good cinema. ¬†But yeah if I were to pick I would choose an out and out romantic movie genre. I enjoy action films a lot too. And animated movies are awesome. I like off beat films as well.

It’s hard to pick one I would have about 20-30 as my favourites. If I were to name a few :

PS I love you, the notebook, notting Hill, 50 first dates, letters to juliet, Leap year, one day,the holiday, me before you, the karate kid ( starring jayden Smith) Up, inside out, father of the bride, crazy stupid love, ¬†dear john, eat pray love, valentine’s day, she’s funny that way, avatar, Rio, no strings attached, the revenant, ¬†the help, NFS, the wedding ringer, daddy’s home, George of the jungle and list goes on.

Question #10:  which type of music you listen most ?

Different music for different moods.when I dance I listen to hip hop, house,  and punjabi. I love jazz when Im on my own, relaxing at home.

Question #11: your fvt singers ??

Rahat fateh Ali khan, ¬†mohit Chauhan, sonu nigam and arijit. I love late jagjit singh’s voice. John legend is my favourite int’l singer.

Question #12: hobbies ??

Dance rules my list any day. I also enjoy reading singing, writing, counseling people lol. I love outdoor photography.

Question #13: do you play sports ??

Yes, badminton,  cricket.

Question #14: do you miss pkyek ???

I Guess every show that starts comes to an end. So Did pkyek.I do miss the team though.

Question #15: Do you want to shoot pkyek 2 with same cast ??

Yeah would love to.

Question #16: your fvt time pass ??

Same as hobbies.

Question #17: one actor you want to work with??

Fawad khan,  srk, hrithik and ranbir.

Question #18: what about animations ??

U mean animated movies.?

Up, Madagascar series, the ice age series, good dinosaur, inside out, King fu panda series,Rio etc.

Question #19: like reading books?? Fvt ones ??

The power of the subconscious mind, the immortals of meluha, Manhattan mango,the last lecture, and many others.

Question #20: gym or home workouts ??

Home workout

Question #21:  fvt icecream flavour ??

I love any chocolate based ice cream. I lurveeeee Zulu bar, butterscotch ribbon,  caramel praline l.

Question #22: travelling  or partying at home ??

Traveling Any day. Partying once or twice a month.

Question #23: Anyone from pkyek you met after the show endz ???

Yes most of the cast but not regularly

Question #24: your dream profession was acting ??


Question #25: you have a beautiful voice when we will get your album released ??

I’m awaiting a good opportunity too. Fingers crossed.

Question #26:  your fvt scene from pkyek ??

The whole pkyek experience was a memorable one.

Question #27: any crazy fan moments ??

No crazy fan moments as such

Question #28: do u like poetry ???

yes I love poems.

Question #29:  what you used to do when angry ??

I vent it out by talking to someone close to me.

Question #30: what you believe in love or arranged marriage??

Love love love all the way.

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